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Type Of Work:


Grayson Plant and Stone Landscaping offers various types of landscaping. Top Quality work for an enjoyable outdoor experience.

Landscape Design: We offer a full scale drawing of your estate whichincludes hardscapes, lighting, plants, beds and water features. All plants are labeled and bed sizes and hardscapes are to scale. See what your landscape will look like before it's implemented.


Plants: Choose from a variety of native, exotic, or simple plants. We can install evergreens, perennial, annuals, flowering and deciduous shrubs, and all types of trees.


Patios/Walls/Walkways: We can build your hardscapes with a variety of material and style including stone, concrete, timber and pavers. All of are stone walls are set in mortar, making them as solid as a 'rock'. Patio and Walkways can be laid on crushed stone or concrete.


Pond/Waterfalls/Water Features: The element of water adds the dramatic touch to your landscape. We can construct any size and type of water garden you need. We also offer a full range of custom built water features.


Decks and Porches: We can design and build your future deck or porch using the latest maintenance free and exotic wood materials.


Outdoor Lighting (Low Voltage): Outdoor lighting is the final touch to your landscape. We use the highest grade materials and the best supply manufacturers to showcase your plants and your house!